The Wake-up Call-Starting from the Scratch!


Is it really possible to be the Best Version of Me?  What Exactly is the Best Version of me?

I am a passionate 31 year old with a  wonderful loving husband. We have been married for more than 3 years and we still look forward to the day we will hold our babies in our hands. Its been a horrific experience waiting on God for the fruit of the womb (I should warn you here that you will also get to read a lot about how passionate I am about my Faith) and I hope to share more about my fertility journey with you from time to time.

I jokingly tell my friends and family that I do not understand the language of failure and I don’t know what it feels like to fail….. I have always come out tops of my class right from Grade school to High School.

Right after University and the compulsory 1 year NYSC Program, I got my first job in the best financial institution in Nigeria. I was earning more than enough for a young unmarried girl of 26 years old in 2011, yet I didn’t understand the language of Savings or Fit-Finance.

I got so caught up in living life and despite all my earnings, my debt  profile kept on increasing. I just could not seem to get out of debt….. Of course, I had supposed- genuine reasons for borrowing every time but looking back in retrospect, I discovered, they were all baseless and I could have done without them.

Job-wise, I was doing very well, I climbed two steps of my career in just 3 years between 2 great financial Institutions, a feat that takes most people between 6-7 years to achieve.

Then, sometimes in 2015, I started thinking about resigning for 2 major reasons; I stopped enjoying what i was doing and I so desperately wanted to venture into Entrepreneurship. I gave myself about a year more to work and earn more than enough money to fully establish the business I started. But, life, they say never tells you about its plans and twists. Precisely 2 months after the first thought of resignation came to me, I was supposed to write a compulsory short test in my new organisation that was meant to be a pre-requisite to my confirmation. I was told anyone who fails the test gets kicked out of the company.

I waved the warning off and was so confident I would beat the pass mark of 65. You can imagine how horrible i felt when I clicked ‘Submit’ and I saw ’63’. Gosh! How? 

I decided to take the test again (my last chance) in another  2 weeks. I did  and again ’64’.

For the next 5 minutes, I blacked out! I hardly fail Exams, how come I couldn’t pass this? and to think that i was just 1 mark from the pass mark….. I lost all form of confidence in myself.

I wasn’t ready to resign but I told myself, I would rather resign than be told to leave and so I waited for the right opportunity to tender my resignation (Talk about the power of THOUGHTS and WORDS!  Haven’t I been thinking and speaking about resigning for the past couple of months?) I got home that night and cried my hearts out on my husband’s chest. He told me he would support me in any decision I choose to make.

Days later, I walked into my office and typed my resignation later to be effective a month after.(I later realized the threat of been asked to leave was just to motivate employees to read and digest the content of the test but i guess my mind was still made up to resign)

What the heck? I had debt almost running into a million naira to repay and I resigned, when I could have waited 3 months max to pay off? But, i guess I didn’t know that it could be really hard to raise money especially when there is no stable source of income. Once again, I was too confident it wouldn’t be a problem.

My colleagues and friends gave me a nice send-forth and I took a last look at the grandiose complex of the Head-office Institution I have worked in for almost 1 year. A new life was about to begin……………….











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