Time to Kick this “Fat” in the Ass and make some cute babies!!!

Hey Y’All!  Been a bit. let’s just blame it on Life generally!

So, I have always been FAT (ranging from 80kg-105kg in the past 6-10 years). I would say my Weight-loss journey has been a roller-coaster ride, from days of being highly motivated, eating healthy and all that,  to days when I just give up and eat all sort of unhealthy food.(Pancakes and Dough-nut are my favorites during such downtime).

I remember while in full-time job, I would place order for a large bowl of Cold-stone Creamery Ice cream with fudge and chocolate. Its funny how i deceived myself then with Almond toppings(in my mind, almonds are healthy….lols). I quickly went from a hot, flat tummy, beautiful-shaped size 70-75kg to a whooping 95kg-105kg within 6years. I enrolled in gyms a couple of time but i never made it to the 3rd month before quitting.

I have also battled with PCOS & infertility( a different story for another day) for quite some time now and trust me to have visited the top OB/GYNs  in Lagos & Ibadan. They all kept saying the same thing….”Madam, you only need to loose some weight and you will be fine”. After such visits, I usually put on the “I’m gonna Kick this “Fat” in the ass” outfit but more often than none, I see myself taking it all off within a couple of weeks…….Talk about INCONSISTENCY.

I have also been the “Queen of procrastination”…. always  telling myself…” I will start next week, let me indulge all I can this week“…lols. But you know what, last night, I was in such severe back pain and leg pain that I knew deep within myself that its about time I lost this extra weight before I develop arthritis. Getting up from the bed was such herculean and painful task that I felt completely embarrassed, though, I was alone. A lot of my people tell me ” No! You are not fat, you are only Big in the right proportion”….. I always tell myself…” You better don’t be deceived”, but in the end, I usually lack the tenacity of purpose to remain consistent in keeping off the weight.

So, this morning, I looked in the mirror, told myself….” Babes, You need to get serious and loose this weight! You are your own enemy and you are the reason you haven’t got any child yet“. I also said a word of Prayer to God to help me win this battle this time around. Most especially because, I want my babies to come and I do not want any inhibition on my journey to been the best version of Me. After this short prayer, I decided to start the day with a detox of fresh-lemon infused water and this yummy plate of Goodness about 45 mins later.

Carrots, Grilled Chicken breasts, Potatoes, Bell peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Green tea , Honey.

I have a goal of loosing a minimum of 30kg within a year and I believe All things are Possible for me because of God’s grace!


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