Time to Kick this “Fat” in the Ass and make some cute babies!!!

Hey Y’All!  Been a bit. let’s just blame it on Life generally!

So, I have always been FAT (ranging from 80kg-105kg in the past 6-10 years). I would say my Weight-loss journey has been a roller-coaster ride, from days of being highly motivated, eating healthy and all that,  to days when I just give up and eat all sort of unhealthy food.(Pancakes and Dough-nut are my favorites during such downtime).

I remember while in full-time job, I would place order for a large bowl of Cold-stone Creamery Ice cream with fudge and chocolate. Its funny how i deceived myself then with Almond toppings(in my mind, almonds are healthy….lols). I quickly went from a hot, flat tummy, beautiful-shaped size 70-75kg to a whooping 95kg-105kg within 6years. I enrolled in gyms a couple of time but i never made it to the 3rd month before quitting.

I have also battled with PCOS & infertility( a different story for another day) for quite some time now and trust me to have visited the top OB/GYNs  in Lagos & Ibadan. They all kept saying the same thing….”Madam, you only need to loose some weight and you will be fine”. After such visits, I usually put on the “I’m gonna Kick this “Fat” in the ass” outfit but more often than none, I see myself taking it all off within a couple of weeks…….Talk about INCONSISTENCY.

I have also been the “Queen of procrastination”…. always  telling myself…” I will start next week, let me indulge all I can this week“…lols. But you know what, last night, I was in such severe back pain and leg pain that I knew deep within myself that its about time I lost this extra weight before I develop arthritis. Getting up from the bed was such herculean and painful task that I felt completely embarrassed, though, I was alone. A lot of my people tell me ” No! You are not fat, you are only Big in the right proportion”….. I always tell myself…” You better don’t be deceived”, but in the end, I usually lack the tenacity of purpose to remain consistent in keeping off the weight.

So, this morning, I looked in the mirror, told myself….” Babes, You need to get serious and loose this weight! You are your own enemy and you are the reason you haven’t got any child yet“. I also said a word of Prayer to God to help me win this battle this time around. Most especially because, I want my babies to come and I do not want any inhibition on my journey to been the best version of Me. After this short prayer, I decided to start the day with a detox of fresh-lemon infused water and this yummy plate of Goodness about 45 mins later.

Carrots, Grilled Chicken breasts, Potatoes, Bell peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Green tea , Honey.

I have a goal of loosing a minimum of 30kg within a year and I believe All things are Possible for me because of God’s grace!


Navigating Life’s Funny Twists & Turns!

Its been quite a while after my debut post here. I would say Life again tried to knock me down real bad.

A month after my last post, my husband lost his job to the mass retrenchment a lot of companies (especially International companies) carried out as a result of economic recession Nigeria is currently facing. O boy!!! not again!!! Our only source of income gone with the wind.Needless to say that his job existence was what gave me the courage to resign and pursue other personal goals in the first place.

I felt like my entire world just came crashing, I tried so hard to hold back the tears, not wanting Leboo to feel anymore dejected than he already felt. Once i got some time to myself, i broke down in uncontrollable tears. God! “bet why”?

After about 30 mins of flowing tears, I decided to encourage myself in the Lord (Like the biblical David did). What other option do i have anyways? Thank God for all the bible Word hunt,inspiring messages, successful people’s life stories,etc that I have been reading/listening to over the months. Sincerely, these things gave me hope that all of these would pass and they are just pieces that need to come together to form a beautiful story that will inspire millions about how God can bring out the best out of a miserably bad situation.

Subsequently, we decided to inform our immediate family members, especially dependents to intimate them and let them know there will be nothing coming from us financial-wise till we get our feet back up.

I particularly pitied my folks, being the first born and the only one with a job- others are either pursuing their Ph.D or concluding their MSc,(not that they needed my/hubby’s money-they are highly successful in their own right with thriving businesses and investments that generate income they can survive a century on, should they decide to stop work)this only means that they were back to “square 1” days of intense prayers, strategy and wishes that their children become independent and successful. Mom told me dad could not sleep for nights as a result of deep thoughts on how to solve the huge challenge Leboo & I are facing. My Parents in-law on the other hand, have got 4 other children who are working and who they can depend on for now.Thank God!

Suffice to say that, recently, after resigning, i relocated to another state recently for my Masters Program at the Premier top university in Nigeria. Ironically, it became obvious that we would not be able to keep up with the rent of almost N900,000 anymore in Lagos, so hubby had to move in with me.(Its funny how God sees the end of a situation from the beginning and tries to order our steps so we would still see that His Banner over us is Love in every circumstance… I felt God knew my Hubby would loose his Job, hence, he prepared us for this time by allowing the relocation and prompting us to get a smaller apartment in another state. Who knows, maybe, we would not have survived in Lagos without a source of income and heavy bills that would not stop flowing in).

Its been a tough season I must confess. With my hands deep in a full-time Masters program, I made up my mind to go through it and not succumb to the temptation of looking for a job (I have postponed doing this Masters program for almost 7 years and I would not give up on it again. not now!). Thank God for Leboo, he supported my decision.How we got by every month till now, I can’t explain it even if i tried. God has been faithful! of course, we had to cut down our spending to only basic survival items. There have been days when we were not sure of how we would get money to fuel the car or pay for Electricity or on some worse days, even groceries. But somehow, God always sent help to us.

A few things I have done towards being a better version of me includes;

  1. My First semester results were fabulous- I feel i could have done better though, but i got carried away sometimes with the struggles i currently face. Second semester has commenced and I look forward to coming out with a Distinction overall. GPA Currently on 6.0/7.0. I aim at getting nothing less than 6.9/7.0 (Distinction).God Help me.
  2. I was recently awarded with a  6 months “All Expense Paid” Queen Elizabeth Merit-based Collaborative Research Scholarship in a top University in Canada to commence after Second Semesters Exam (Jan/Feb 2017).So, “yours truly” would be on the next flight to Canada in less than 2 months from now for a period of 6 months (Thanks to Leboo for His unending support and most importantly to God for His Grace and Favor).

Its not just about going for a 6 months research in Canada, this is a great opportunity that would contribute to helping me achieve a MAJOR life goal i hope to share soon. 

Updates on Leboo****  Its amazing how God allows us to go through difficult times just to bring out the best in us. Leboo started his entrepreneurial journey recently and I am so excited because, like i always tell him, there is limit to what you can achieve being an employee. To break glass ceilings in life and in finances, you need to be an employer! Can’t wait to see him become all that God has called him to be personally, career-wise and financially. We are on this journey to GREATNESS and BECOMING BETTER VERSIONS together.

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The Wake-up Call-Starting from the Scratch!


Is it really possible to be the Best Version of Me?  What Exactly is the Best Version of me?

I am a passionate 31 year old with a  wonderful loving husband. We have been married for more than 3 years and we still look forward to the day we will hold our babies in our hands. Its been a horrific experience waiting on God for the fruit of the womb (I should warn you here that you will also get to read a lot about how passionate I am about my Faith) and I hope to share more about my fertility journey with you from time to time.

I jokingly tell my friends and family that I do not understand the language of failure and I don’t know what it feels like to fail….. I have always come out tops of my class right from Grade school to High School.

Right after University and the compulsory 1 year NYSC Program, I got my first job in the best financial institution in Nigeria. I was earning more than enough for a young unmarried girl of 26 years old in 2011, yet I didn’t understand the language of Savings or Fit-Finance.

I got so caught up in living life and despite all my earnings, my debt  profile kept on increasing. I just could not seem to get out of debt….. Of course, I had supposed- genuine reasons for borrowing every time but looking back in retrospect, I discovered, they were all baseless and I could have done without them.

Job-wise, I was doing very well, I climbed two steps of my career in just 3 years between 2 great financial Institutions, a feat that takes most people between 6-7 years to achieve.

Then, sometimes in 2015, I started thinking about resigning for 2 major reasons; I stopped enjoying what i was doing and I so desperately wanted to venture into Entrepreneurship. I gave myself about a year more to work and earn more than enough money to fully establish the business I started. But, life, they say never tells you about its plans and twists. Precisely 2 months after the first thought of resignation came to me, I was supposed to write a compulsory short test in my new organisation that was meant to be a pre-requisite to my confirmation. I was told anyone who fails the test gets kicked out of the company.

I waved the warning off and was so confident I would beat the pass mark of 65. You can imagine how horrible i felt when I clicked ‘Submit’ and I saw ’63’. Gosh! How? 

I decided to take the test again (my last chance) in another  2 weeks. I did  and again ’64’.

For the next 5 minutes, I blacked out! I hardly fail Exams, how come I couldn’t pass this? and to think that i was just 1 mark from the pass mark….. I lost all form of confidence in myself.

I wasn’t ready to resign but I told myself, I would rather resign than be told to leave and so I waited for the right opportunity to tender my resignation (Talk about the power of THOUGHTS and WORDS!  Haven’t I been thinking and speaking about resigning for the past couple of months?) I got home that night and cried my hearts out on my husband’s chest. He told me he would support me in any decision I choose to make.

Days later, I walked into my office and typed my resignation later to be effective a month after.(I later realized the threat of been asked to leave was just to motivate employees to read and digest the content of the test but i guess my mind was still made up to resign)

What the heck? I had debt almost running into a million naira to repay and I resigned, when I could have waited 3 months max to pay off? But, i guess I didn’t know that it could be really hard to raise money especially when there is no stable source of income. Once again, I was too confident it wouldn’t be a problem.

My colleagues and friends gave me a nice send-forth and I took a last look at the grandiose complex of the Head-office Institution I have worked in for almost 1 year. A new life was about to begin……………….